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Passionately handcrafted in the Yorkshire Dales

Our Gin is hand crafted using the traditional London Dry Gin method. We utilise small batch production at our Distillery in Masham in the Yorkshire Dales. “A true Yorkshire Dry Gin”. We use a handmade copper alembic still named Stan in order to create “The Spirit of Masham” our beautifully smooth, flavoursome and well balanced unique gin. Each batch which we produce is carefully distilled with passion and attention to detail.

The Product

The “Spirit of Masham” Dry Yorkshire Gin is an Artisan Gin, created by Corks and Cases of Masham. The Gin is handcrafted and is produced in small batches in a copper alembic still using the London Dry Gin method.

Our “Spirit of Masham” Gin is a unique flavour filled gin with an aromatic nose. The “Spirit of Masham” is distilled using the botanicals from our very own distinctive Corks and Cases Masala Chai Tea with the addition of hops that give the gin a lemon finish The addition of the hops represents the rich brewing history of Masham . There are of course a few “secret” botanicals which all assist in making this an amazing and exclusive Gin.

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The Gin Experience

The ultimate Gin experience for the inquisitive and curious Gin lover.

Come along to our great experience and you will be put in charge of a beautiful mini alembic still in order to develop and distil your very own 70cl bottle. You will also be given a tour of the distillery before embarking on the amazing experience.

Under the guidance of our distillers, you will learn all about the art of distillation and what it takes to produce a well balanced and harmonious gin. You will also enjoy our Gin and Tonic and Cocktails whilst you learn about this amazing process. To help you create your very own Gin recipe, you will have a pick of a wide range of botanicals that we have available. Our distillers will guide you step by step through the distilling process and explain how you can produce your own delicious hand crafted gin. You will enjoy sampling and naming your very own creation, before bottling it and applying your very own personalised label.

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Spirit of Masham Distillery

Masham’s First Distillery “Now Open”

We have worked throughout 2017 to create our own small batch distillery and Gin Experience here in the Market Town of Masham, North Yorkshire. We are situated on the outskirts of this beautiful Market Town and the wonderful gateway to the amazing Yorkshire Dales. You are invited to come along to the distillery and we will introduce you to Big Stan and Little Stan our two hand crafted copper alembic stills. You can also be introduced to our 12 Copper Gin Experience stills and see how our Unique “Spirit of Masham “ Dry Yorkshire Gin is distilled.


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