The expert wine makers have skillfully blended a superb Spanish tempranillo red wine and premium chocolate flavour, to create a luxuriously indulgent treat. Notes of rich cherry and red fruit enveloped in velvety dark chocolate . Best served on it’s own at room temperature or chilled. Indulge yourself

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Rubis is an indulgent blend of fortified tempranillo wine and premium chocolate flavour. Notes of rich cherry and red fruit enveloped in velvety premium dark chocolate means Rubis can be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat or on any special occasion. It can be served at either room temperature or chilled over ice for that ultimate chocolate experience. Definitely the best combination of chocolate and wine that all chocolate lovers will adore Serve at room temperature as a dessert wine that is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate or red fruit based puddings or even some strong cheeses. Pour in a large glass with lots of ice as an alternative to a cream liqueur. Cook with Rubis in any red meat, game or in particular venison dish. You can even create desserts with Rubis. Once opened store at room temperature for 4 weeks or in the refrigerator for 12 weeks. Rubis is sold in 50cl Bottles

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