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  1. Sparkling Delights

    Sparkling Delights


    A Great Six Bottle Selection of Champagnes and Top Quality Sparkling Wines, from France, England, Australia, South Africa and Italy. The ideal party case or special gift for a special occasion. Learn More
  2. The Italian Job Gold

    The Italian Job Gold 6 Bottle Wine Collection


    Our Italian Gold selection brings you some amazing wines at fantastic prices. This selection contains three red and three white wines. All chosen for their quality by Derek, the owner of Corks and Cases. Some excellent wines to savour.
    The case contains, Pietra del Diavolo Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano, Umani Ronchi Golden Fleece Pecorion, San Silvestro Gavi di Gavi Fossilli, Orvietto Classico Libra- Baroncini, Amarone - La Colombaia and Chianti Rufina Riseva Nipozzano Learn More
  3. Aussie Gold

    “Aussie” Gold 6 Bottle Wine Collection


    An amazing six bottles of top quality Australian wines. Each one is memorable in its own right . A selection of grape varieties to excite your taste buds and to make you want to come back for more. Each of the the wines has a story behind it and a lingering memory once you have tasted them.
    The case contains, D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz, Rude Mechanicals Priority Red, Majella Cabernet Sauvignon,The Rude Mechanicals "Ephemera" Viognier/Pinot Gris, d'Arenberg The Money Spider Roussanne and Peter Lehmann H&V Chardonnay Learn More
  4. Summer Fun Selection

    Summer Fun Selection


    Looking forward to those long summer days and nights with friends. A great selection of Australian, South African and American wines to help you enjoy the summer in style. There is a wine for everyone in this selection.

    The case contains, Broken Shackle Classic White, Broken Shackle Rose, Broken Shackle Classic Red, Wandering Bear Chardonnay, Wandering Bear Merlot and Wandering Bear Rose. Learn More
  5. Corks and Cases Mixed wine selection

    Corks and Cases Mixed Wine Selection


    A Great selection of Red and White wines from Italy, France, Spain and Chile. A great Party Selection to appeal to everyone. The wines are all great quality and at an amazing price. Try them and see, you will want to taste more.
    The case contain, Cuvee Jean Paul Red, Boraso Tinto Garnacha, Sierra Grande Cabernet Sauvignon , Cuvee Jean Paul Sec, Mirabello Pinot Grigio and Sierra Grande Sauvignon Blanc

    Learn More
  6. Corks and Cases Rose Wine selection

    Corks and Cases Rose Wine Selection


    A lovely selection of Six Rose Wine. This selection will suit every taste. Perfect for those long summer days and nights sitting in the sunshine with friends. Easy drinking wines from France, Italy, South Africa and Australia.
    The case contains, Cuvee Jean Paul Rose,Ancora Pinot Grigio Rose, Ca'Di Pontl Rosato, Wandering Bear Zinfandel Rose, Broken Shackle Rose and Le Bosq Rose

    Learn More
  7. Corks and Cases White Wine selection

    Corks and Cases White Wine Selection


    A great selection of six Corks and Cases white wines. Ideal for everyday drinking. The wines come from Australia, France, Spain Italy and Chile. This selection would be great for a summer BBQ or party, or just to share with friends as the sun sets on another special day.
    The case contains, Cuvee Jean Paul Sec, The Paddock Chardonnay, Sierra Grande Sauvignon Blanc, Castillo Del Moro Sauvignon/Airen Mirabello Pinot Grigio and El Muro Macabeo, Learn More
  8. Summer Fun -  6 Bottle Connoisseur Collection

    Summer Fun - 6 Bottle Connoisseur Collection


    Summer in a glass, or in this case in six bottles. A great selection of amazing wines from Lebanon, Australia and France. We have stolen a few of their sun rays to bring a bit of sunshine to our customers.
    Each one of these wines is memorable for its taste and quality. Share with “Very Good” friends over a summer meal or BBQ.
    The case contains, Ksara Blanc De'L'Observatoire, d'Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier/Marsanne, d'Arenberg Love Grass Shiraz, Gaston Andre Chablis and Fleurie Millesime Reserva
    Learn More
  9. The Spanish Sun

    The Spanish Sun 6 Bottle Wine Collection


    A fantastic way to celebrate the summer sun. Six really memorable Spanish wines that will leave you wanting more. Each of the wines has been tasted at Corks and Cases and we believe they offer amazing value for money. You really have an eye for value if this is your choice. Share it with your friends they will love it !
    The case contains, Castillo Del Moro Sauvignon Blanc, Castillo Del Moro Tempranillo, El Moro Macabao,El Muro Tempranillo/Garnacha, Vega Del Rayo Rioja Tempranillo and Borsao Tinto Garnacha Learn More
  10. Italian Job Silver Collection

    The Italian Job Silver Collection


    “WOW” what a selection. Some really memorable wines from Italy. Three Red and Three Whites to please all tastes. We have tasted them all and believe that they offer amazing value for money.
    You really can’t go wrong with this selection. They will have you coming back for more.
    The case contains, Terre Allegre Sangiovese, Il Casone Merlot, Legato Nero d'Avola, Bella Modella Pinot Grigio, Il Casone Garganega Chardonnay and Legato Inzolia
    Learn More

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