d’Arenberg The Vintage Fortified Shiraz


This wine is like an Australian version of Port, the sweet, fortified wine from Portugal. It’s a deep, rich colour with powerful flavours and aromas of sweet, spicy, black cherry, raspberry, liquorice and dried fruit notes. A wonderful wine. Once tasted never forgotten.

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With significant bottle age, ‘The Vintage Fortified’ made with Shiraz, gains extraordinary complexity. Whiffs of roses and flavours of chocolate, walnut, coffee and orange and a finish that’s very soft and delicate. The wine has a very deep black appearance with a wonderful crimson deep cherry red hue. Intense aromas of ripe, blackberry fruits and liquorice appear first followed by prune-like notes with deep spicy plum pudding characters. Deep blackberry fruits, chocolate and spice with anise evolve, combined with a lifted brandy spirit which is most appealing. d’Arenberg is one of the most significant wineries in McLaren Vale. Founded in 1912 by Joseph Osborn, fourth generation, Chester Osborn took over the reins as Chief Winemaker in 1984. The last decade has seen Chester develop a range of white wines every bit as individual and thrilling as the red Rhone varieties with which the company made its name. There is method to his madness (and his shirts!) and no one knows their soils and vines better than Chester. Chester works with individual parcels of fruit that display different flavour profiles that are influenced by the unique soil characteristics and meso-climates of the vineyards. Each parcel is picked and vinified separately to highlight the individual characters that contribute complexity to the final blend. Chester’s philosophy is to make wines that have great fragrance, fruit palate texture and length. The finish of the wine must have a natural, fine balance of acidity and a complex structure of tannins. Food Recommendations:- Chocolate, Blue Cheese

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